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Only You-niversity offers a complete range of webcasting solutions that meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

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  • Webcasting: Executing a webcast involves using You-niversity’s software to integrate video or audio with PowerPoint slideshows and audience participation. The video and audio are streamed to the end users utilizing streaming server(s) capable of delivering the signal to thousands of online attendees. Slides and audience participation are delivered through web servers utilizing native web-based protocols. Management is conducted through an online account and a resourceful web conference center.  
  • Capturing: Capturing is the video production or the audio production portion of the webcast.. You-niversity’s crewmembers or your A/V team manage the capturing using You-niversity’s software. Typically, when you webcast a large conference or a tradeshow, you will use You-niversity’s crewmembers (alone or in combination with your existing A/V team). For an on-going webcast operation, you will usually use your internal A/V team working with our software.
  • Slideshow: Slideshows are easily incorporated using PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint files are uploaded at any time before the webcast begins or even during the webcast. The webcast slideshow is controlled by either the presenters or a moderator. Learning how to handle a webcast slideshow takes just a few minutes. Unique to You-niversity: slides are delivered in HTML (the native Internet way to present information), thus PowerPoint animations, hyperlinks and other features are preserved.  
  • Hosting: You-niversity hosts your webcasts on our servers, which means that you do not need to change your website nor do you need to provide the required bandwidth. Our hosting is completely transparent to the end-user. We offer to brand your hosted pages so the end-user gets to see your website’s look and feel. An on-site computer encodes the audio-video input into a digital stream (unless phone-in or remote encoding is being used). The encoded stream is automatically synched with the activities (slide transitions, polls, messages, etc.) and is then delivered through the Internet to one of You-niversity’s hosting servers. The servers deliver the stream to each attendee. Thus, the on-site computer delivers only ONE stream regardless of the number of attendees.  
  • Fromat: Webcasts are delivered live, archived or both. In the live mode, You?niversity’s servers transmit the webcast to each attendee immediately as it is received by the server. In the archived mode, the webcast is uploaded to You?niversity’s servers and saved as a whole. Once on the server, it is accessible 24x7 by the attendees.
  •  Access: You-niversity provides you with your own branded and customized web conference center. The web conference is managed online through automated simple forms that do NOT require programming skills. All you’ll need to do is link from your website to the provided web conference. The web conference comes complete with a lobby page, a billboard and a library.
    • The lobby page is the end users’ online access point into your webcasting operations.
    • The billboard is where you post the schedule and details of the upcoming programs, collect registrations and send e-mail reminders.
    • The library page is where you organize, publicize and manage the on-demand archived programs. Through branding and customization, we provide the web conference with the look and feel required by your organization. An experienced team of web programmers will customize your web conference to provide you with an easily integrated solution.


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