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Amazon API Gateway

Our team is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has expertise in designing cloud architecture using Amazon API Gateway.

What is API Gateway?
Amazon API Gateway gives customers the ability to create, deploy, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs.

What use case is API Gateway best for?
API Gateway is a fully managed service that enables teams to expose data and web services to their customers with built in security, observability, and scale in mind. Our team is adept at configuring and leveraging Amazon API Gateway to serve GraphQL, RESTful, and Websocket based APIs to your internal and external customers.

What kinds of workloads has the Foresight team built on API Gateway?
Some common use cases that our team can help you with include:

  • Using Usage Plans to rate limit customer API usage
  • Enabling your customers to access APIs hosted within your VPCs
  • Enabling your customers to access APIs from their VPCs without traversing the internet
  • Adding a managed authorization layer to your new or existing APIs
  • Building simple or complex reverse-proxies to transform requests, inject headers, or transform responses prior to reaching your API server or prior to sending them back to your clients
  • Invoking lambda functions in response to GraphQL, RESTful or Websocket invocations and messages
  • Allowing API consumers to call AWS Service actions within your AWS account
  • Serving a set of actions with across a microservice architecture behind a single API endpoint

What Infrastructure-as-Code tools does the the Foresight team use to build API Gateway workloads?
The Foresight team has built API Gateway workloads with a variety of tool-chains including:

  • SAM
  • Terraform
  • Claudia
  • Chalice
  • Pulumi

If you need help choosing a tool-chain, let us know. If you need us to fit into your tool-chain, we can do that too!