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Our ESG Policy

We at Sela. understand the urgency for radical change when it comes to the environment, and therefore prioritize sustainability in our business. Our focus on innovation manifests itself not only in our communication technology for riders, but also in our strategy for reaching environmental and social objectives that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our bottom-line mission is to operate in a just and sustainable framework that balances the needs of the environment, society, and our business.


Our ESG Objectives



  • To comply with all local and international legislation and policies regarding environmental protection.
  • To openly discuss and analyze the risks and opportunities posed by the transition to a lower-carbon economy and use this information to inform our reduction of GHG emissions. For example see attached - akologic
  • To monitor our environmental performance, such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, energy use, waste consumption, etc. – no smoke in the building and offices, Batteries Scooters are not allowed in the building  & offices, A special docking area is designed for the scooters in the building.
  • To reduce waste throughout the company sites. –  We offer employees reusable cutlery plates and cups, paperless, recycling of bottles and cans.



  • To comply with local and international conventions on human rights.
  • To ensure a respectful, fair, and pleasant work environment
  • To protect the needs of our employees and suppliers by creating safe and healthy working environments, fair wages and working hours, and having a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment.
  • To create an inclusive work culture and equal opportunities for progression within the business.
  • To create positive social impact by investing time and resources in supporting local communities (encouraging employee volunteering, donations, etc.).


  • To increase the company's transparency, trust and credibility and create additional value for all our stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, investors, and the communities in which we operate).
  • The Company has a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to bribery and corruption, thus we fully comply with the company's anti-corruption and bribery policy, supported by annual employee training.
  • To ensure high standards of business ethics by applying the Company’s Code of Ethics and Suppliers Code of Ethics to all employees and suppliers.
  • To engage with our stakeholders along the entire supply chain and internalize their needs into our management practices.
  • To create the internal infrastructure and governance necessary to oversee and lead social and environmental initiatives. The management members will conduct an annual discussion on ESG matters.


Follow-up and reporting

  • We aim to publish the Company’s ESG report annually that includes updates on our goals and progress in our social and environmental initiatives.
  • The Company understands the importance of financial disclosure and is exploring reporting standards that are best fit for our business.