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Amazon Bedrock Workshop




9 am - 15 pm [Israel] - Hebrew

AWS Offices, TLV

Welcome to the Amazon Bedrock Workshop 

This hands-on workshop, aimed at developers and solution builders, introduces how to leverage foundation models (FMs) through Amazon Bedrock.

Ilia  German - Sela Expert Cloud Solution Architect & AI Group Lead will lead the workshop

Within this series of labs, you'll explore some of the most common usage patterns we are seeing with our customers for Generative AI. We will show techniques for generating text and images, creating value for organizations by improving productivity. While the focus of this workshop is for you to gain hands-on experience implementing these patterns via Bedrock APIs and SDKs, you will also have the option of exploring integrations with open-source packages like LangChain and FAISS.

Please bring your personal laptop and charger.

Labs include:

  • 01 - Text Generation [Estimated time to complete - 45 mins
  • 02 - Knowledge bases and RAG [Estimated time to complete - 45 mins]
  • 03 - Model customization [Estimated time to complete - 30 mins]
  • 04 - Image and Multimodal [Estimated time to complete - 30 mins]
  • 05 - Agents [Estimated time to complete - 30 mins]
  • 06 - Open source examples (optional) [Estimated time to complete - 30 mins]

AWS Offices, TLV