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Kueez was founded in 2016 as a leading technology We were determined to build a new content platform that people could go to when they needed a dose of fun and wholesome content. Our platform intensifies and improves the entire publishing cycle an ongoing effort to help publishers succeed, we strive to change the publishing world for the better. 

Industry: Advertising & Marketing
Primary project location: Israel

Kueez migration and managed services

Sela helped the customer migrate AWS workloads to existing GCP
projects. This project is for migrating redshift and satellite data
components from their AWS environment. In addition Consulting and
leading architecture reviews and cost optimization.

The challenge
The customer approaches us with a problem migrating Redshift and
data components from AWS to GCP. They were looking for a solution
where the overhead of managing data and customer access to their
data would be much reduced. They were also looking at ways to scale
quickly and this would be possible only with a solution that would
require minimal to no configuration.

The solution
existing architecture on AWS side & application infrastructure.
Mapping the warehouse data structure and formats. Understanding
the current use of GCP environment and how to implement the BigQ.
Planning related streams relevant to the data migration such as
partitioning/clustering/ backup/restore/ingestion and analyzing data.
Redshift and data components migration to BigQ & Environment

The results
Data transfer backup/restore calculation and optimization as an added
value managed service provider offerings to maintain customer needs.
Implementation Adding monitoring and metrics for Data and
infrastructure. Implementation Analyzing the new environment and
building a cost optimization plan + purchasing relevant CUDs/ BQ slots
reservation and adding managed services for cost optimization.


After the migration and our ongoing managed
services, the Kueez technology platform modernize
and upgraded their consists of a user acquisition layer,
an analytics tool, and a robust content management