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If your data is locked away in some departmental silo, you don’t have time to build data pipelines, you can’t wait until the next sprint to get mission-critical data. Panoply was built to relieve that frustration and make it possible for every company to do advanced analysis without the overhead that comes with traditional data

We, as a partner, helped modernize their data management solution.
They wanted to migrate from AWS Redshift to BigQuery for better scale and we helped them with design and Sela's managed services and hands-on architects for the solution.


The challenge
As Panoply's customer base increased, the amount of data it needed
to handle also began increasing. They were looking for a solution
where overhead of managing data and customer access to their data
would be much reduced. They were also looking at ways to scale
quickly and this would be possible only with a solution that would
require minimal to no configuration.

The solution
As an MSP our solution was to use BigQuery for the data warehouse.
Each customer has their datasets in their projects in BigQuery. A
separate set of projects was created to help manage the admin
processes. Creation of projects and BigQuery datasets as well as
imports into Bigquery were all automated using Terraform. This
improved security since all customer data was completely separate

The results
The end result was an easy-to-manage, secure, and scalable solution.
The solution resulted in overall cost savings at the infrastructure level
and also due to operational efficiency. Automation of asset creation
and no-management services such as BigQuery make management
and maintenance is very efficient. We added a managed service provider
offerings to maintain customer needs.


"Together with Sela, we were able to cut down our costs
and operational resources while improving security
and accelerating our cloud use. MORE’s experts
provided us with cloud best practices and 24/7
professional support from experienced cloud architects."
Dima Dobrinsky, VP R&D, Panoply