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FinOps for CFOs event




Midtown Towers, 144 Derech Menachem Begin, TLV





Keynote- the future of Cloud economics Elad Nardi, CFO, SELA Group


FinOps's explanation of how to effectively use cloud resources Baruch Toledano, Cloud FinOps Lead, Azure Ops Manager, SELA Group


How to succeed in your company's FinOps journey Roni Karp, CTO, Anodot


FinOps in mind - The CyberArk journey Uri Eliyahu, Cloud Operation Manager, CyberArk


MSFT Finance transformation Raz Revach, CFO, Microsoft Israel

What we will talk about:

  • The use of Cost Explorer and how to work with it

  • Reserved Instances. This is just the beginning- how to save more with reservations.

  • Advanced reporting with exporting

  • Correct work methodology.

The public cloud computing era has brought many changes to finance and procurement processes in cloud-consuming customers. Switching from CapEx to OpEx is a key mindset change required to operate our businesses.

Many organizations struggle with the most basic layers of understanding cloud costs and commitments. We will talk about what FinOps is and where it fits in the organization, how to master cost allocation through cooperative communication, and how to control and monitor our spending in near real-time. We will also talk about the opportunities to optimize our cost through commitment or technical modifications to our cloud posture and

Midtown Towers, 144 Derech Menachem Begin, TLV