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Scale-Up Executives Webinar: Cloud I Business I Growth




We are pleased to invite you, to join a limited list of executives, chosen by us and Microsoft to attend the Scale-Up Executives Webinar.

Join Microsoft, SELA Group and selected colleagues for this exclusive event that combines business and cloud technologies specific for leading companies preparing for their next Business growth.

On this webinar`s agenda:
Want to know how to take your application hosting platform to the next level? Do you work with cloud applications and don't know how to use every bit of resources?
Want to be more agile and efficient with application deployment?

This webinar will present the capabilities and benefits of using Kubernetes in azure: we will explain the deployment, scaling, and monitoring of a Kubernetes cluster.

We will present:

  • Azure monitor for Kubernetes
  • Auto-scaling with Keda
  • Azure virtual nodes

This webinar introduces a series of webinars where we will cover in-depth, hands-on examples on subjects like DevOps, Data and ML, cloud AI and cloud security.


Ishai Ram, VP Global, SELA Group

Gal Hutman, Chief architect, SELA Canada

Charles Akkerman, Sr Account Executive, SELA Canada

Dror Furst , Head of Start-Ups/ISVs, SELA Canada