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GenAI Remix event, hosted by Sela and Google Cloud [Recap]

Sela hosted with Google Cloud a truly innovative event, "The Parliament of Idan Raichel: #GenAI Remix." This forward-thinking program explored the intersection of music and artificial intelligence (#AI) by captivatingly reimagining Idan Raichel's iconic music.

Sela and Google Cloud | Jul 3, 2024

GCP Alerts and Monitoring using Terraform

Keeping eyes on GCP infrastructure resources is essential for your applications to work seamlessly. DevOps team should get notified when applications or services went down or inaccessible due to some issues like compute instance/s crossed defined threshold, K8S pods crashed, network went down at some region, etc. Getting alerts on configured notification channels allows DevOps teams to act quickly to rectify and resolve issues to keep your services up and running. Here GCP monitoring and alerts are come to rescue and terraform allow us to manage these resources as a code (IaC).

Vikrant Barde | Apr 16, 2024

Ingesting Data to Amazon RDS via Airbyte with Infrastructure as Code

In the realm of data management and analytics, the efficiency of ingesting data plays a pivotal role in driving insights and making informed business decisions. With the rapid expansion of cloud services and the increasing complexity of data sources, it’s becoming more and more challenging for businesses to streamline their data pipelines.

Emily Armstrong | Apr 9, 2024

Cert-Manager with Kubernetes

When strategizing the migration of a customer's application from On-Premises or one Cloud to another Cloud Provider, the potential for Application Modernization always exists. Despite having all applications in the Cloud, there is always some room for improvement.

Rakesh Kanchalwar | Feb 26, 2024

Advanced Kubernetes lessons from the field

Kubernetes tips from the experienced team at Sela Cloud to keep your apps stable and up to date.

Shahar Blank | Feb 12, 2024

Securing Your Cloud: Adapting to Modern Threats

🔒 Secure your seat as we revisit the groundbreaking "Security Revolution" webinar! Missed the live event? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Join us for an exclusive recap of the dynamic and informative session presented in collaboration with industry giants Sela, Microsoft, and Comvault.

Sela | Dec 3, 2023

Fortifying Your AWS Environment: Best Practices for Identity & Access Management

As cloud computing continues to revolutionize the way organizations operate, robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become indispensable for safeguarding the integrity of AWS (Amazon Web Services) environments. IAM empowers you to securely control access to your AWS resources, effectively shielding them from unauthorized activities. This article delves into the best practices for implementing IAM in AWS, empowering you to elevate your overall cloud security posture.

Kiran Bondre | Nov 21, 2023

How to Protect your #MultiCloud and Hybrid Environments

This webinar discussed the challenges of securing multi-cloud and hybrid environments and provided best practices for protecting your data and applications. Key takeaways: We've learned about the security threats affecting multi-cloud and hybrid environments. We've discovered how to use Microsoft Defender for Cloud to protect your multi-cloud and hybrid environments. And got the best practices for securing your data and applications in the cloud.

Sela | Nov 16, 2023

Monitoring Alerts in GCP by integrating Cloud Operations with Notification Channels

An integral part of ensuring applications run smoothly on the cloud is to ensure the infrastructure runs smoothly, and one way of doing this is to anticipate problems and handle them before they escalate into a system downtime. A simple and effective way of doing this is to set up effective monitoring systems. Systems that monitor the health of the infrastructure on important low-level metrics such as CPU usage, disk usage, memory usage, etc. These metrics going out of bounds can alert us to potential problems and preventive actions can be taken.

Yogesh Golande | Oct 11, 2023

Is Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) the right fit?

Nowadays every IT organization widely uses the concept of Containers to deploy the applications. Containers have changed the entire virtualization theory by allowing you to run multiple isolated applications on a single hardware, or you can say on the same machine, which in turn helps you use your hardware resources wisely.

Yogesh Golande | Sep 11, 2023

CD-CD Pipeline - GCP Cloud Build

One of the powerful ways to increase productivity is to automate day-to-day development operations. DevOps is a set of practices where we Build, Test and Deploy code in small frequent steps. One of the core practices is CI (Continuous Integration) where developer commits their code in Shared Code Repositories in daily basis, each commits triggers automated workflow on a CI (Build) Server that notifies developer if there are any issues integrating their changes.

Vikrant Barde | Sep 11, 2023

Exploring Practical Generative AI Applications for Startups

Real-world implementations of AI in Different Sectors - Join us for a webinar with Sela and Microsoft experts to delve into AI implementations, offering valuable insights on best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

Sela | Sep 7, 2023

Kubernetes a transformative solution to the myriad challenges

In the dynamic world of software deployment, businesses are constantly seeking ways to innovate, scale, and optimize. Amidst this backdrop, Kubernetes has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering a transformative solution to the myriad challenges faced by organizations globally.

Noam Amrani | Sep 3, 2023

Breaking Apart Heroku: Leveraging Native AWS DevOps Tooling for Better Scalability and Performance

Sela | Aug 31, 2023

Low-latency serverless control planes for hybrid-tenant SaaS developer platforms

Sela | Aug 31, 2023

Automation of Cost Optimization in AWS

Automate the hibernation of applications based on custom metrics.

Laurell McCaffrey | Aug 20, 2023

How Generative AI Can Transform Your Business and Increase Revenue

Elevate your business with Generative AI! 🚀 Join us to explore its power in a 2-hour session. Get ready for increased efficiency and revenue. Let's transform your business together!

Sela | Aug 13, 2023

Cloud Computing IT Glossary: Understanding the Key Terms

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, cloud computing has emerged as a game-changer. It's reshaping how businesses and individuals manage and store data, access applications, and scale their operations. However, navigating the world of cloud computing can sometimes feel like traversing a maze of complex terminology. This article demystifies the cloud computing jargon, breaking down the essential concepts and terms to provide a clear understanding.

Sela | Aug 8, 2023

Do you want to cut your cloud bills by 50-60%?

The cloud computing market has exploded in recent years, and the cost of running applications in the cloud has also quickly added up. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the costs associated with running an application in the cloud, but there are a few things you can do to optimize your cloud costs and make sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud investments.

Yogesh Hukame | Jul 17, 2023

What is Application Modernization? Why do we need to do it?

Modernization is the process of introducing or adopting new systems or technologies to replace older ones in the same field. It is also the process of moving/migrating an application from one environment to another.

Yogesh Hukame | Jul 12, 2023

Save your Cloud Costs by migrating to Google Cloud

Google of course is very well known to all of us. Search is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Google. But along with Search, a lot of other Google applications are also a part of our lives and we use them daily — Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, Google Apps, etc.

Yogesh Golande | Jul 2, 2023

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Pub/Sub

Google Cloud Pub/Sub offers excellent scalability, making it capable of handling a significant volume of messages per second with remarkable speed. This scalability feature makes it an ideal choice for applications that require high throughput and low latency, particularly for real-time data processing.

Vikrant Barde | Jun 11, 2023

Managing Cloud Costs in Multi-Cloud Environments with FinOps

Today, many organizations rely on multi-cloud environments to access all of the tools and services they need. Doing so greatly expands your potential cloud resources but also introduces complexity to your cloud solutions. With multiple cloud environments to manage and balance, optimizing your costs can become a major challenge. However, you can maintain the resources you need and lower expenses by using the right tools.

Sela | May 30, 2023

The Role of Automation in FinOps

Cloud resources play a vital role in your organization, enhancing your capabilities and efficiency. However, they aren’t something you can just take for granted. FinOps is the practice of optimizing your cloud resources to maximize impact while minimizing costs. Today, your organization can take advantage of automation in a variety of ways to make the most of your FinOps.

Sela | May 30, 2023

Visualize Your Costs with Looker Studio

In today's cloud-based world, it is more important than ever to be able to visualize your costs.

Asaf Amran | May 15, 2023

How to Choose the Best Cloud Service Provider: Factors to Consider

Modern businesses rely on a wide range of cloud services to handle their operations. However, not all cloud providers are equal. Working out how to choose cloud service providers will determine your cloud services' impact on your business, so be sure to evaluate your options carefully based on these factors.

Sela | May 14, 2023

6 Benefits of Cloud Services for Startups

Cloud services for startups are something that successful businesses can’t go without. They provide a foundation to compete in the modern landscape and access to the best that new tech has to offer.

Sela | Apr 30, 2023

Kubernetes Best Practices for Hybrid Environments

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, organizations are increasingly adopting hybrid infrastructures, leveraging both on-premises and cloud-based resources to optimize performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Noam Amrani | Apr 2, 2023

How to reduce the company's cloud costs.

At a time when companies are closing every possible branch to survive this challenging economic period, they continue to increase their investments in cloud services* The reason: the transition to the cloud is essential for their continued growth* And yet, it's possible to significantly reduce the company's cloud costs, without hurting its ongoing operations

Baruch Toledano | Feb 23, 2023

What is Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization is integral to making the best use of your cloud infrastructure and resources. Like any other part of your operations, you should assess your cloud costs methodically and thoroughly. Doing so opens the door to cloud cost reduction and maximizing the impact of your cloud resources.

Sela | Feb 16, 2023

What is Finops?

FinOps, short for "Finance and DevOps," is a cloud financial management discipline and cultural practice that enables organizations to optimize their spending by fostering collaboration between engineering, finance, technology, and business teams. It is a way for teams to manage their cloud costs, with everyone taking ownership of their usage and supported by a central best-practices group.

Sela | Jan 23, 2023

Cloud Armor - a cloud security overview

Google Cloud Armor is meant to protect against DDoS attacks in the era of cloud-based services. However, since it’s a built-in security framework with general settings, it requires adjusting rules specific to the client's needs to provide sufficient protection. The existing solutions are either a manual change in WAF rules, using external add-ons or using the native protection from Google, which includes forming Adaptive rules for threat recognition and Managed solutions if the attack blocking fails. Together, this turns Google Cloud Armor into a more efficient form of protection without unnecessary traffic loss.

Dmitriy Medvedev | Dec 8, 2022

Measuring AI System Effectiveness

What are we trying to measure when we think about evaluating intelligence? To couch it in human terms, it would be to assess the overall ability to think, reason, and make rational decisions.

Daniel Karp | Dec 8, 2022

Behind the cloud: Data & AI - Part 4

Kfir Gur Ari | Dec 7, 2022

Behind the cloud: Data & AI - Part 3

Kfir Gur Ari | Dec 7, 2022

Behind the cloud: Data & AI - Part 2

Kfir Gur Ari | Dec 7, 2022

Behind the cloud: Data & AI - Part 1

Kfir Gur Ari | Dec 7, 2022

Cloud Explained

What is FinOps?🤔 How does it affect a company's ability to function efficiently? What does FinOps do for an organization, and what happens if there are no FinOps people in the organization?

Ido Katz | Dec 7, 2022

28.10.21: Executive lunch unboxing

Sela | Dec 7, 2022

The story of our scale up

Amir Regev | Dec 7, 2022

Must Have Tech Milestones to Become a Unicorn

Gal Hutman | Dec 7, 2022

Scale-Up Executive’s keynote

Ido Jonathan Engel | Dec 7, 2022

Scale-Up Executive’s 28.10.21- Opening Event

Sela | Dec 7, 2022

Auto-scaling Azure Pipelines agents with KEDA on K8S (HE)

Gal Hutman | Dec 7, 2022

Configure JIT access using Defender for cloud

Defender for cloud provides us with a centralized view of the Azure resources and their security status.

Gal Hutman | Dec 7, 2022

Azure Data Explorer deep dive webinar

Learn and discover a portfolio of AI services designed for developers and data scientists.

Kfir Gur Ari | Dec 7, 2022